Friday, February 11, 2011

Rita Zeinstejer on Google Applications in the Classroom

Today, Rita Zeinstejer was our wonderful grand finale guest speaker at Webheads in Action Elluminate virtual room hosted by Learning Times.
Rita is a resourceful EFL teacher at the Association Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa in Argentina where she set up both the Self Access and the Multimedia Centre eight years ago.
In her usual sparkly manner she led us through several ways to use Google applications and sites in the classroom giving us examples of her own work, tips and great ideas to use those applications with our students. The presentation looked at all the applications that Google has created to use for free with our students.
She took us from Google Docs  to Google Sites, iGoogle and Google Tours passing by Google Earth, Google Reader, Google Knol, as well as Google Sketch Up, Google Scholar, Google Around  and even  Google Goggles and Google Body Browser, giving examples of the use of the tools to enhance course content, create a warm learning environment and engage the students.
Her ideas are so brilliant, versatile and challenging that  all participants felt time simply flew away.
Thank you Rita, it’s BaW tradition to have you closing this session. To all participants... a big round of applause. You’re on the last 100 meters of Becoming a Webhead! We’d love to read your comments about the session, they have great value for us.


  1. A most amazing session - chock-full of ideas and resources! I especially liked Google Sites and the various news applications, like Living Stories. I'm already thinking of ways of integrating them into my classes!

    Thank you, Rita, and our great moderators for this incredible session!

  2. Dear Rita,
    We can't thank you enough for a memorable presentation. What fabulous resources and ideas for how to integrate Google apps in our lessons from the perspective of both the students and teachers. Wow!!! :-)
    For those of you who couldn't make, please don't miss it! Remember that all these resources stay online "ad eternum".
    Hope to hug you personally in 6 weeks' in Santiago de Compostela. :-)
    For now, a huge "virtual" hug,

  3. It was an overwhelming presentation, really worth listening! "Definitly a must" for all who missed it. Rita helped me in explaining how to use my Google Documents and I am now exploring other Google Applications. I am very interested in Google Sites and Readers. But, I found Knol also very interesting. "Explore and learn" is now my new moto - after attending amazing Baw2011!

  4. Gracias!! Thanks!!! It was an "outstanding ovation" session!! All my claps to Rita!! The BaWers moderators and the rest of the participants including me were frozen listening to her! I had never heard about all those Google Apps as I only knew G as an engine!!
    To what Marijana has just added "Explore and learn", I would add... "Explore, learn and SHARE". Thanks to all of your for these amazing weeks and all the knowledge you have given me!
    Smiles, Maria :)

  5. What a fantastic session! Unfortunately I couldn't attend live but have just watched the recording. I thought I already knew a lot about different Google apps, but Rita has shown me there is much more to know. I know I will return to this again later as there is too much to absorb in one sitting. As Rita says near the end "it enlightens your life!", I'd add that Rita has enlightened us!

    I'm also adopting Marijana's motto "Explore & Learn", which is what BaW2011 has been for me to, and I'd add "Connect" to that as well!

    Cheers, Lesley

  6. To Maria, yes I forgot that part of Sharing, thx to reminding me Maria!:)))

  7. To Maria,thx for adding that part of Sharing,I totally forgot it,:)Finally the two of us have the same moto!!!

  8. Brilliant session! I have discovered many Google apps I haven't used!I am already engaged with some...trying to balance all the possibilities they offer!:)What's more I have to congratulate Rita for lovely and well coordinated session!

  9. Dear Rita,
    my heartfelt thank you for a wonderful and extremely comprehensive presentation! It really opened our eyes to new tools and practical class applications for known ones!
    A warm hug from still wintry Romania.