Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rubena St.Louis's Presentation

Rubena St.Louis shared wonderful "materials creation" tips and resources based on a "cooking recipes" theme on Friday, February 4. Her presentation made all of us to be involved into the world of “cooking” activities. Rubena started by giving us a general overview why we may need to create our own materials. Then she shared the process of materials creation step by step by introducing what good materials are and what opportunities they provide. Then we moved to examining what authentic resources and what Web 2.0 tools we can use. All these steps were introduced in a wonderful and very practical table. Finally, Rubena answered the participant’s questions how to deal with students who have learning problems (Juan), how to deal with individual and group interest (Wen Jun/Jasmine), and how to organize groups according to learning abilities or language levels (Ayat). We were more than fortunate with technical issues; however, some participants couldn’t enter the room or couldn’t have audio. For information on participants, chat log, and slides to the presentation, please visits our wiki page. We have recorded the session and will also make it available for those who could not attend or would like to listen to recording. We would love to know your impressions and opinions about the session through your comments on this blog.


  1. Hi, BaWers!
    Rubena's session was truly inspirational and a pleasure to hear and see. There's lots of "food for thought", so those of you who couldn't attend, don't miss it.
    And do leave your comments!
    Enjoy! Teresa

  2. Teresa,

    It was a very helpful presentation. I love the table for material creation. I love the ways Rubena answered very interesting questions from our participants Jasmine, Ayat, and Juan. Good job!

  3. It was again one of amazing presentations.I will need to listen it one more time as I had to leave early. I think Rubena is a very enthusiastic person!

  4. Rubena produced a brilliant explanation of the didactic importance of interactive exercises creation.

    Before designing an exercise the teacher should clearly understand why, what, how he or she will do.

    Following all the steps in Rubena's presentation, even an inexperienced teacher could start a fabulous series of exercises.

    So, keep in mind Rubena's instructions on learner-centred activities and produce up-to-date exercises!

  5. Thank you both, Claudio and Rubena for your amazing presentations!

    Here's a link to my wiki comments page:

    I'm sure everyone enjoyed this as much as I did :-D