Monday, January 31, 2011

Live Session with Claudio Azevedo

We had a fabulous live session with Claudio Azevedo at WiZiQ. It was great we didn't have audio problems today except some echo but the session stopped after an hour. It happened dur to the screen sharing at that time and Larisa was not able to add time to our session. However, all participants registered in advance and they were able to join the session easily. Some participants could talk (i.e., Svetlana). Claudio presented his blogs Movies Segments to Assess Grammar Goals and Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups. The title of presentation sounds greatly "From Darkenss to Sparkling Connected ELT Community." Claudio gave us great examples of how movies can help move from darkness to sparkling. During his presentation Claudio stopped and asked questions. For information on participants, recording, and slides for presentation, please, visit our wiki page. WiZiQ recorded the session and we will make it available for those who could not attend the live session or would like to listen to recording. We would love to know your impressions through your comments in this blog.


  1. Terrific presentation from a generous teacher who has created fabulous resources and shared them with the world! Thanks Claudio, for your presentation, your blogs, all the hard work that has gone onto the materials, and for sharing! I shared the blogs with my colleagues at work today and there was a real buzz in the staffroom as they explored the movie segments & lesson materials.

    Thanks to the moderators and my fellow participants for the interesting text chat on the side. Glad I was able to attend while having breakfast and getting ready for work!

  2. Lesley,

    Thank you for your feedback and comment. Thank you for attending the session. Please come to Completing session. We hope it will go more successfully. You may view recording in our page in wiki now:'s-Presentation

    and direct link:


  3. Hi, everyone!
    We were cut off so unexpectedly, even more unexpected for me, because I was screen sharing and lose track of everything, except of whomever has audio. Anyway, I was having such a wonderful time with all the interesting content and Claudio's very calm and easy-going comments, and I definitely felt the same of attendees in the text chat area. So I thought to myself: "Why not ask Claudio to come back and complete his presentation?" He agreed at once very enthusiastically, so we're all set for tomorrow. :-)
    Hopefully, my mouse won't act up. It was a software glitch that my husband has solved.
    Thank you to all attendees who sent in such wonderful comments about the presentation!
    Hugs all, Teresa

  4. Dear Claudio,
    Thank you so much for your presentation and the links to your wonderful blogs. I've explored them and love them very much.
    I will surely follow you online tonight.
    I'd like to write a few words before the occasion to save time.
    You already explained to me about the copyright. Well, it is written on every DVD that it is for home viewing only and that no part of this film... etc. Yet, if it has been ok so far and no authorities protested, you were quite rightfully awarded for your blog, then I guess it must be safe. Well, in fact the risk is yours as we can use in education whatever we find on the internet. So thanks again.
    I believe you created the blogs for teachers so you will not mind if I advertise it among teachers in the Czech Republic.
    Thank you again for working so hard on the blogs.
    I wish you all the best
    Svetlana Obenausova

  5. Svetlana,

    There is a rule for copyright - for fair use. It means for education. You may use copyrighted materials for educational purposes. It is in law and you will be fine using movie segments from the movies you want to use in class. I think Claudio follows fair use in copyright. Also, there is a rule to copy 33% of the original source. I think if Claudio copied 6 min from the movie, it is much less than 33%. I hope my % correct. We may discuss copyrighted issues today. Welcome to another Claudio's presentation.

  6. Thank you Claudio, for your presentation.
    I have bookmarked your blog and become the folower :)
    Today I've presented the indirect questions to my students. They asked me to bring something more next time. Everybody was involved in the process of learning.
    Moreover, I also like your blog of warm-ups and follow-ups. Thank you for sharing.
    I am looking forward to watching the second part of the presentation.
    Nataliya N., Ukraine

  7. It was a sheer pleasure to attend this session. The presentation was lively,apart from some sound problems, I was really absorbed by the speaker and really amazed by his two blogs. As I started exploring them, I am full of respect for the hard work, and the brilliant ideas they ocntain. I will definetly use some of this material, and I am convinced that my learners will really like it.
    Once more, I am sending a big loud 'thank you' for sharing!!!!!!"
    I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." - William Shakespeare

  8. Hi, all.

    I'm sorry I missed the live session but luckily it was recorded and I had a chance to listen to it today.

    I'm very impressed with the amount of material and resources that Claudio has gathered in his blog. I had been trying to use movies to teach grammar but between planning, correcting and creating lessons.. well... it´s hard to find time to sit down and look for movie clips to use in the classroom. I must say that every time I would do this I was always focused on the grammar, I guess that I was focusing on meaning and not form, anyway, I will definitely start watching movies from Claudio´s perspective... with a grammar eye!

  9. I was listening to Claudio´s recording and it was an excellent presentation on how to use technology for teaching. I think it was very motivating for me because I have started many blogs and sometimes I never finish them because I feel exactly what Claudio said. My students like it I don´t know if to continue with it or start a new one. After listening to him I know what to do now.
    Thanks for this great teaching.