Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Graham Stanley´s Presentation on Twitter

Graham Stanley took us on wonderful ride through twitter and its enormous potential as a tool for socializing, teaching, and learning. It was a very insightful session. He started by giving us a perspective of how twitter evolved in his own experience from being a tool for socializing only to being a tool used for teaching and learning. Then he moved on to give recommendations on how teachers should use twitter in class. It was really worth being there. He also gave precious advice on applications to use and also on who to follow on twitter. It was a very useful session for twitter fans and those just beginning to explore this tool. In case you were, please leave your impressions on the comment box. If you weren´t or want to listen to it once more click here.

Thanks a lot Graham for teaching us so much.


  1. Another great presentation by Graham Stanley, who is one of our classic guest presenters. Every year he shows us something new, or with a new perspective.

    Bravo, Graham!!!!

    Thanks for posting this, JA :-)



  2. So sorry I had terrible glitches for the first time ever in Elluminate, so I couldn't follow Graham's presentation. :-(
    I'll listen to it asap, because they are always eye-openers.
    Forty-six participants is something very special! Graham sure knows how to attract a fabulous crowd. :-)
    Keep enjoying! :-)

  3. Nice presentation though I had some problems with the voice (wasn't that clear and with breakings some time) but managed!
    Thanks alot Teresa for everything. You are a blessing to this group of webhead participants. you are always there to help so kindly and in a very nice and gentle way. You always encourage us to go on step by step and soothe us all the time ! Thank you again! see u!

  4. Graham has given me a reason to tweet... quite a few reasons, actually. I think the idea to use Twitter as a corpus tool is wonderful. It has the ability to offer real-use examples in a simple, easy-to-use format.

    I also become quite curious about Elluminate. Can anyone offer feedback about their experience using this virtual classroom as a teaching forum?

    Many thanks to Graham!


  5. Graham mentioned several reasons why EFL teachers should use Twitter ranging from PD to increasing student exposure and use of the language.

    Twitter is simply a fabulous tool that keeps us connected and informed and of which I could have never dreamt in the early days of my teaching career (so long ago!).
    Also, I experienced the Aha! revelation when Graham made the distinction between VLE and PLEs - the latter being invaluable for our students even when they leave formal education -

    This is the best reason to try to convince more colleague teachers in my university to apply technology in their teaching and engage students in using tools that will serve them better in the long run.

    Thanks, Graham, for giving us yet another reason!

  6. Like SlantedSophia, I think the idea to use Twitter as a corpus tool is wonderful. Great session, thanks Graham and the moderators!

    Sophia, you asked if anyone could share experiences using Elluminate...
    I've used it (and other similar platforms) to teach adult learners enrolled in an ESL Distance Learning program. You can hear me talk about this in an interview here:
    [Note this site enables you to listen online, listen with subtitles, or download the audio or transcript].

    If you have any questions, happy to discuss.

  7. We have had a possibility to realize the advantages of both Elluminate and Twitter for ESL. Thank you very much.

  8. Great presentation and very very clear for first time users.

  9. Grahama Stanley's presentation was very educational.It left me with few questions and many ideas to develop via twitter. I enjoyed taking part in Elluminate session and interacting with others!Thank you once again!

  10. I am sorry I wasn't able to take part but today I listened to the whole session and also saved the slides for later use. I agree that it was a great presentation on the use of twitter for educational purposes - BTW I realise it will take me some time to start using it in the way Graham suggests - as a fantastic corpus resource which it really is. Many thanks two times: for this inspiring presentation and for the possibility to watch it with delay, after a couple of weeks. Thanks!

  11. Unfortunately, I couldn´t attend the live session, but I´ve just watched the recording - thanks a lot for saving it. So far, I´ve been only lurking around Twitter, as Graham said. In fact, my interest was to adopt it as a means of communication, but, now, I´m eager to explore the different uses proposed in this presentation in order to enhance my learners´ motivation and interest in the use of the language. Thanks a lot to Graham and all those who made this session possible.