Sunday, January 23, 2011

Live Session with Michael Coghlan

We had a wonderful session with Michael Coghlan at yahoo messenger today. We did have some technical problems, i.e. audio. Some of us were not able to join the conference despite the efforts from moderators' part and other colleagues to help. However, this was a part of learning. In the session Michael discussed the use of synchronous and asynchronous tools for teaching in different contexts and environments by briefly reviewing background information. During the presentation he got participants involved asking them to talk about their experience and their context. He went beyond the tools we have covered and talked about other communication tools that making an impact on the way of teaching. It was a very socially lively session. Some participants asked questions and gave valuable contributions by using text chat area or mic. For information on participants, chat log, and slides to the presentation, please visit our wiki page. We have recorded the session and will also make it available for those who could not attend or would like to listen to recording. We would love to know your impressions and opinions about the session through your comments on this blog.

Larisa (mod week 4) and Mbarek (mod week 3)


  1. It was really a wonderful session. Michael is always our guest and his advice and comments on sychronous and assynchronous communication is always useful.
    Really a great way of beginning week 3.

    Thanks Michael

  2. I missed Michael's singing this year. How about you?

  3. Hi, everyone!
    What a fantastic session Michael did! I especially liked what he had to say to us.
    Since Michael and I go back 9 years in a very active online collaboration and finally meeting f2f in NYC in Mar. 2008, I had comments to make now and then.
    I hope BaWers don't miss listening to the recording, because it's an eye-opener (or should I say "ear"-opener?!) ;-)
    Larissa, I also missed Michael singing. I'll send a message with the link to his "Webheads Theme Song" to the list. Listening to it as I'm writing. :-)
    Thank you, Michael! :-))
    Hugs all, Teresa

  4. Did you record the session?
    I would like to see it if it is possible.

  5. Hi Clarita
    There is a recording, Michael's slides and a transcript of the session on the baw2011 wiki here:


  6. Again, my regrets I couldn't be there (this time not because of the time - it was actually perfectly ok for me, but unfortunately i had some other committments at the same time). However, i read the transcript and viewed the the slides, and saved them for some later use. Again, many thanks for this opportunity to stay in touch and be connected. I already had the feeling that I'd missed too much but today when I've had a bit more time I finally managed to catch up and have 'filled up the gaps' that I had. Thank you very much for this :)

  7. Hello everybody!

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend this session but I managed to listen to the recording. The session was inspiring and the PP presentation answered lots of my questions about sync learning.

    Thank you both, Teresa and Michael!

    Kind regard to all of BAWers!!!

  8. You can't imagine how helpful and generous it is that you offer session recordings. I wasn't able to attend all these informative meetings but at least I can listen to the recordings and absorb as much as I can. Thanks a million