Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TappedIn Tour

We had a great enthusiastic tour of TappedIn hosted by BJ Berquist. Over 30 participants learned the ins-and-outs of this collaborative tool. Many even mentioned how much virtual exercise they were getting while scampering from room to room.
We would love to hear your comments on the experience. Or if you were unable to attend, review the TappedIn page in the wiki:
then join the conversation.

Thank you, BJ for another wonderful Live Session.


  1. Thanks for the post, Sharon :-)

    This was another great Tapped In tour. BJ is amazing with her patience with so many participants and always succeeding to teach the ins and outs of Tapped In.


  2. What a fabulous tour of TI! BJ is amazing. Thanks, BJ! :-)
    The "Session page" (link in the "Live Sessions" wiki page) is complete with a list of the participants, among other things. If anyone is missing, please let me know.
    Great post, Sharon!

  3. A big thank you to BJ!

    I am new to the BaW experience and it was wonderful to experience this collaborative tool with so many curious and enthusiastic participants. You have all made me feel quite welcome.

    Thank you,

  4. Great session by BJB

    She was really patient with all of us, I have to go back soon and check those emoticons, as Sharon said we "newbies" just scratched the surface and want more. I must say that all of you are so amazing and helpful. See you soon on your Sunday TappedIn meeting!

  5. Hello everybody
    This is Khleel
    I faced some problems joining the session today. I really don't understand the nature of tappedin. What is it exactly? Can anybody help? what should I do step by step to joining the chat room there and attend the sessions. Can I catch up?

  6. Once again, THANKS BJ for being such a nice and patient teacher.
    I have learned a lot from her and from Jeff as well.
    I joined Tapped In last year and they helped me to set my own virtual K-12 classroom. My students simply loved it.
    Hope to "meet" some of you this Sunday.


  7. Really enjoyed the first session by BjB. This is the first time I am learning through an online chat session and it was great. Thanks to all involved in providing this course.

  8. Alexandra KoukoumialouJanuary 13, 2011 at 11:47 AM

    Many thanks to the moderators and BjB for a great tour :)
    It took me a while to find my bearings, so I missed the first 10 minutes or so. When I finally found myself in the right place, I was welcomed by a very warm, friendly group of people, with a great sense of humour! BjB was very informative, helpful and patient with all our comings and goings :))
    This was my first visit to Tapped In, and here's my attempt at summing up my impressions:
    Very useful environment for sharing resources and opinions
    Quite user friendly - doesn't require a lot of experience in online teaching platforms
    Moving around is quite straightforward, using "doors", maps and sidebar/ drop down menus
    Standard live text chat features, including private messages, and text commands (particularly liked the emote command)
    Offers you your own page (your office), where you can assemble and share your links and documents
    Not sure how the students side works - will have to check that out on my next visit!
    Excellent for, say, a writing course or a chat tutorial - also great for communication purposes

    I didn't have the time to explore other features, like the whiteboard and the forum, but I did play around a bit with the decoration of my office. :-)
    Thanks again,
    See you there on Sunday,

  9. Great tour! and very interesting website, I can see its potencial in the classroom, very easy to use and I love the chatroom option. I couldn't get the chat to work from my work computer but will do from my laptop. See you guys next session!

  10. Thank you so much BJB, you really helped me feel comfortable, with this new internet tool. It was a great support I was given by such a nice professional.

    Claudio Mattos - Elt Professional Rio de janeiro - Brazil

  11. I am a new comer with Tapped In experience. However, BJB managed to explain everything clearly and it was a wonderful and exciting tour! Thanks a lot.
    I am looking forward to getting new experience.

  12. I am sorry I couldn`t attend our first live chat at Tapped In - 16:00 GMT - Tour Guide: made by BJ Berquist – because of the time difference in +9 hours. Once I took part in the 24 hours` live chat but I am afraid I know well what it is.

  13. I'm also sorry I couldn't join the first live session at Tapped In since I only joined the group two days ago... I hope I'll be able to participate in the next ones! Cheers,
    Lilian Marchesoni

  14. Unfortunately I failed to join the live session in time due to the problems of the Internet connection. It was a bit embarrassing at first, though due to the friendly community and patience of B.J.Berquist I managed OK. Hope to be more successful today. I need to see how one can use his/her office for teaching.
    Lyubov Novak

  15. Dear all,
    This session was fun and useful.Thank you for your patience BJ!

  16. It was a great tour. Thanks BJ.
    Now I will figure out how thinks work and if I am lost ;) I'll ask for help.

  17. I couldn't make the live session but checked it out. It seems very user friendly. I am still quite nervous about everything but ready to learn. I have participated in Elluminate sessions before. Is Tappedin similar to Elluminate?

  18. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the live session, but I will try it by myself, and, of course, if I need help, I'll let you know! Thanks!